G4 Blanco Tequila 108 Proof Review [In Depth]

G4 Blanco Tequila 108 Proof

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G4 Blanco Tequila 108 Proof Details

Distillery: Nom 1579 (Destileria El Pandillo)

Type & Region: Blanco Tequila, Mexico

Alcohol: 54%

Composition: 100% blue weber agave

Aged: Not at all

Color: 0.0/2.0 on the color scale (it’s clear)

Price: $50-70

From the back of the bottle

We are fourth generation of Tequila producers. We personally supervise each step, starting with the selection of our own agave, and taking thorough care in the process to ensure the maximum quality.

G4 Blanco Tequila 108 Proof overview

I’ll keep this overview short. G4 is a popular brand known for their additive-free and traditionally-made tequilas. As I read about tequila, as often as Fortaleza is mentioned, G4 isn’t that far behind. The difference is, I’ve actually found G4 on store shelves and not crazy marked up. As I continue to explore Tequila, I’m always interested in trying various overproof versions. At least as of this review, I’ve never had anything from G4.
Unlike other brands such as Tequila Ocho, G4 doesn’t appear to be owned by a huge beverage conglomerate, although a company called PKGD Group imports and helps manage the brand. It’s neither good nor bad, but something worth noting.
One other thing to mention – the brand name G4 refers to the four generations of tequila makers. Here’s a pointless question, are they eventually going to rebrand as G5 when the next generation joins the team?
Let’s find out if this highly regarded brand with an overproof option overdelivers in this G4 Blanco Overproof Tequila review.
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G4 Blanco Tequila 108 Proof smell

The scents have a nice mix of lime and agave-forward scents, followed by simple syrup, minerality, black pepper, lime peel, starfruit, lightly roasted vegetalness, and a little bit of earthy dryness. The higher ABV definitely helps, adding more fullness and expressiveness. There’s no trade off either as the heat is well controlled for 54% ABV.
While the scents have a lot of toasted agave and vegetal notes, it’s not nearly as smoky and Mezcal-y as Tequila Ocho Puntas 2023. It already smells so good.
After swirling and 12 minutes of rest, I get simple syrup, lime juice, lightly cooked agave, minerality, and a little black pepper, pineapple, dried grass, mint, and eucalyptus. G4 Blanco 108 proof is a bit hotter the second time around, so I think that this needs closer to 20 minutes of rest in the glass to get the full experience with less heat.
Unlike the first time, there’s also not as much cooked and roasted vegetalness. The balance shifts towards a more sweet, fruity, and herbal rye-like. What hasn’t changed is the great fullness, richness, and expressiveness, although there’s a bit more alcohol kick too.
All in all, G4 Blanco 108 Proof is impressive.
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G4 Blanco Tequila 108 Proof taste and aftertaste

G4 Blanco Overproof has rich and full simple syrup, toasted lime peel and vegetal agave, minerality, some earthy dryness, mint, unripe starfruit, and a little bit of something that feels like custard. It’s very lime-y and sweet, surrounded by vegetal agave and this lighter custard note. It has a little kick, but it’s fine for me.
The body, richness, and complexity are great, and it truly tastes interesting and fantastic. That custard-like note, or something that feels like custard, gives it that extra complexity and uniqueness. I’ve never tasted a Tequila quite like this before, in a good way. “Never tasted before” doesn’t always mean good.
With hard “chewing”, I taste simple syrup, toasted lime peel, lime juice, toasted and lightly smoky agave, vanilla, pineapple, starfruit, black pepper, and a little grassiness and peppermint. I wonder if that custard-like flavor is actually pineapple, vanilla, and peppermint all mixed together. This is surprisingly herbal and winter-y, like a little bit of rye whiskey personality has been infused into the blanco.
The finish is a bit more dry with lime peel and vegetalness, simple syrup, minerality, and some grassy dryness. After “chewing”, it leaves lime peel, simple syrup, toasted earthy agave, black pepper, minerality, mint, and pineapple.
Oh man, G4 Blanco 108 Proof tastes so good. It has great richness, expressiveness, and character that I haven’t gotten in other blancos. It’s a delicious and unique take on blanco tequila that feels like a shining example of what it can be.
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G4 Blanco Tequila 108 Proof Rating

Top Shelf
I’ve been diving deep into overproof blancos, and G4 Blanco 108 Proof hits differently. It’s amazing and I am so impressed. I didn’t realize that blanco tequila could be like this – rich, layered, and all sorts of herbal. Don’t get me wrong, other blancos have some of that, but G4 brings it all together, fattens it up with a higher ABV, and lets it run free. It’s such a great experience.
Especially if you’re a whiskey drinker looking to get into tequila, but not sacrifice the full body and personality that comes with the higher ABV that you loved from whiskey, this is one to definitely try. And for someone like me who has gotten used to the more burly high-ABV whiskeys, G4 108 Proof brings all the extra goodness that comes with that higher ABV and satiates me.
I know that I’m still just scratching the surface with tequila, but I feel like I’ve already had some heavy hitters to frame my experience and mentally compare them as I go. It’s not like I’m jumping from Jose Curvo to this.
To that point, between this, Tequila Ocho Puntas 2003, Cazcanes Overproof, and Fortaleza Blanco (not overproof, haven’t had it yet), I think that G4 overproof wins out and it’s not particularly close. It has extra layers of complexity and expressiveness that I just didn’t find in the others. I didn’t see it coming, but I wholeheartedly welcome it.
I don’t know how the team at G4 did it, but from what I’ve smelled and tasted, I’d go as far to say that it’s a must try.
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