Weller Full Proof vs Larceny Barrel Proof Comparison

Weller Full Proof vs Larceny Barrel Proof

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Weller Full Proof vs Larceny A122 header

Cask strength wheated Kentucky bourbon face off

In my journey to find an acceptable Weller Full Proof alternative, I’m putting Larceny Barrel Proof, batch A122, to the test to find out how it fares. They’re both high-ABV wheated bourbons from massive and reputable Kentucky distilleries that were first released around 2019-2020. They both caused big stirs in the bourbon world, but Buffalo Trace mania always reigns supreme and Weller got on the Space-X hype ship and blasted off way ahead of Larceny.
I get it, I too think that Weller Full Proof is a delightful bourbon, but I don’t think it’s quite that good. Even years after the initial release, Weller Full Proof continues to be red hot allocated and sought-after while Larceny’s demand and hype have come down quite a lot. The acclaim is still there, but the wild chase is not nearly as hot as it used to be.
I admit, Larceny Barrel Proof still being allocated (albeit way less so than Weller), makes this comparison less than ideal for finding a suitable Weller Full Proof alternative. But given that a marked-up Larceny may be around $80-100 and Weller Full Proof around $250+ (the sky’s really the limit), there’s still some value in finding out how much of a gap there might be. Funny enough, both have about the same $50-60 MSRP.
Having reviewed both and also compared Maker’s Mark Cask Strength to Weller Full Proof (Maker’s Mark was destroyed), I already know that Larceny Barrel Proof is more similar to Weller than Maker’s Mark ever was. This is not the same polarizing “regular” Larceny (I like it by the way) that turns some people off with the nuttiness, grassiness, and what some say “sogginess”. This one’s been working out hard.
Then again, I don’t know for a fact that Weller and Larceny will be similar because I always do my reviews in isolation, so I do these head to heads to expose the differences and sometimes the flaws within certain bourbons. It’s fun and informative, and this time possibly less useful for most readers. But who knows, maybe you’ll find some value.
Weller Full Proof vs Larceny A122 close
That said, please keep in mind that each batch of Larceny Barrel Proof can vary, so everything I’m writing is specifically about batch A122, the first batch of 2022.
I’m curious how different their personalities are, so let’s find out in this Weller Full Proof vs Larceny Barrel Proof comparison.

The table below outlines the two whiskeys.

Weller Full Proof vs Larceny A122 details
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How do they compare?

Weller Full Proof vs Larceny A122 radar
Weller Full Proof vs Larceny A122 traits

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And the winner is...

larceny barrel proof A122 header
I knew these would be different, but I’m surprised at how different Weller Full Proof and Larceny Barrel Proof are. There is some overlap, which I’ll cover, but as I often find in a Buffalo Trace vs non-Buffalo Trace comparison, Weller Full Proof is the brighter and more outwardly fruity bourbon. Ultimately your winner comes down to personal preference and what you can actually find, and I know Larceny Barrel Proof is far easier to obtain.
As I just mentioned, Weller Full Proof is the relatively “lighter” bourbon (because 57% ABV is still no joke) that’s more bright, vibrant, and fruity. There’s sweet honey, vanilla, dried cherry and apricot, roasted oak, clove, orange peel, cinnamon, and a little dried grass and ginger. From my experience, Weller Full Proof and Weller 12 Year feel the least like the “usual” wheated bourbon that’s more orange, cinnamon, and clove-forward. I admit that I like it a lot, but the hype is still outrageous.
Larceny Barrel Proof A122 is the metal version of a wheated bourbon: dark, burly, and heavy. It’s like taking Weller Full Proof and dunking it in darkness and oiliness. It’s sweet, but with a darker caramel sweetness. It’s fruity, but with darker cherry and apricot that has more bass and black eyeliner. It’s oakier with more roastiness, coconut, and cinnamon. Oh, and there’s a little bit of that Heaven Hill nuttiness too, but it’s not as intense as it can be in Henry McKenna 10 Year.
Out of everything though, the two things that stick out the most are how much more oily and viscous Larceny Barrel Proof is. The flavors ooze body and non chill filtered stickiness that feel hearty and substantial. Weller isn’t weak, it’s just in a lower weight class.
So in a battle of pure strength, Larceny undoubtedly wins, but Weller Full Proof has its own strengths too. For me at least, I like Larceny’s darker and heavier traits, and the viscosity helps a lot too. While price and availability don’t affect the rating, I let it have more influence in comparisons. The fact that Larceny Barrel Proof is easier to find and way less marked up are two major factors that also help make it the winner of this comparison.
In the end, there’s no actual loser because you’re winning if you’re drinking either one, but all things considered I would personally pick Larceny (also keeping in mind that Larceny batches differ). On top of that, I’d call it a compelling, but different, Weller Full Proof alternative.
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